Emmy Fashion

There were lots of gorgeous dresses on the Emmy Awards' red carpet and most all of the gals did a nice job with their hair, makeup and jewelry choices. There were a few looks I wasn't too fond of, but overall I thought it was a nice showing. I don't know if I had one favorite though.


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Eye Candy Friday

Love me some Jon Hamm. Or is it Don Draper I adore? I think it's both, even in spite of Don's philandering ways. Such a handsome gent. I'm finally watching Mad Men. Still on season 1, but hoping to catch up soon.  So many shows, so little time...


I'm Pinterest-obsessed. Seriously, I think it's a problem. Fortunately, I know I'm not alone. Follow me.

Eye Candy Friday

Once again, Bradley Cooper.  While I'd like to post about him every Friday, I will refrain and give some other stylish gents some attention.


Top Knot{ch}

Lately I'm loving top-knots.  I probably sport one every other day. Perfect for laziness and dirty hair.  I like them best when a bit messy and not too perfect and smooth.

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My roomie got me a funny, spongy donut thingy like this when she was in Amsterdam, which I can't wait to use. See a tutorial here.

Have a Super-Cool Labor Day Weekend

Spotlight: J.Crew {Day 6}

As a new school year approaches, I'm reminded how much I absolutely loved back-to-school shopping.  I'd of course wear my favorite ensemble on the first day and would carefully plan out my outfits in advance for the days ahead. What a dream it would have been if J.Crew's Crew Cuts were around back then. They clothes are stuff I'd wear now myself, but in pint-sized versions.  A tad pricey yes, but oh so ridiculously cute.

Eye Candy Friday

A year ago JOAT and I were headed to Greece.  It's a damn shame we didn't encounter anyone resembling the ridiculously hot Joe Manganiello while in Santorini.  However, we did enjoy many glasses of rosé, which I'm glad they incorporated into this shoot.

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Spotlight: J.Crew {Day 5}

In contrast to the previous post, J.Crew has some lovely soft neutral pieces that are as elegant and refined as expected.