What's Old is New Again

When I received my Daily Candy email in my inbox the other day, I was pleasantly pleased with the contents; these adorable shoe clips by Erica Weiner. At $25 a pair, what a wonderful and inexpensive way to jazz up shoes you already own. They could also be great if you just can't seem to find that perfect wedding or bridesmaid shoe - customize your own!

Holla At Cha Boy

How funny was Tim Gunn on Project Runway tonight? "Holla at cha boy." I just love him. I also love Leann's creation on the New York City challenge. The skirt/tank combo has both a modern and classic look that is also inventive (did you see the back of the skirt?). This picture doesn't really do it justice though. Although she didn't win, Leann's ensemble is definitely the one I would wear out of the bunch. It would be really cute with red heels or a fitted white tee.

Amusing Addict

While browsing the Jonathan Adler website, I came across these humorous canisters. The blurb by them says "beyond denial. Stash in style." Ha! I don't think I would display them in my house, but they just might be perfect for that eclectic someone in your life. You could keep pretty much anything in them; Prozac, pennies, Quaaludes or candy.

Pretty Pretty Pieces

How gorgeous and fabulous are these vibrant turquoise Erickson Beamon Turquoise Glenda Earrings? I found this pair at Chick Downtown, but then became curious about Erickson Beamon, as I've never heard of them (perhaps I should know who they are though, as they've been in the jewelry business for over 20 years). Unfortunately you can't currently view the collection on their website, but I found more of their fun and interesting jewelry at Chick Downtown and at Net-A-Porter. If only I had an extra $500+ in my wallet to spend on baubles and bangles....

Bag Lady

I have a ton of bags, so it seems like every time I travel, I take a different carry-on (btw, I mean the carry-on I keep in the seat with me, I still haven't mastered the art of carrying on all my luggage and not checking - but I am trying to get better). I am a notorious over-packer and never bring a little carry-on or just my purse. It just can't be done. I need something that fits my abundance of magazines (only two of which I probably get though), my book (which I may or may not read), my makeup (what if my luggage is lost, I need my makeup!), my purse (who wants to carry two bags - my purse needs to fit inside my carry-on) and whatever other little things I throw in (iPod, pashmina/wrap, snacks, etc).

On my most recent trip I brought my Longchamp - Le Pliage Expandable Duffle. It's a great bag that folds up into a flat little compact square, opens to a good sized bag when zipped and also expands 6" vertically into a larger bag. On the plane I used it zipped and fit everything perfectly. When at my destination I used it expanded for an overnight trip and it was large enough to fit everything I needed. My only complaint is that the inside pocket is quite small and doesn't close or have a zipper.

Recent Purchase

I've been a little slow with my postings as of late, I know.....I will try to do better.

For now, I just wanted to share the bracelet I got over the weekend at Banana Republic. I love it. I chose the purple and in person it's much more vibrant. The bracelets are regularly $39, but I think I got mine for like $22. More expensive than my usual Forever 21 bangles, but it's higher quality and definitely not a bad price at all.

Happy Birthday Jackie!

Hope you had a great day!

*Sorry it's a few days late, I didn't have Internet access while I was gone.


10 Best New Online Boutiques

Elle.com published a list of their picks of the 10 best new online boutiques. I have visited some, but not all. Unfortunately many are a tad pricey for my pocketbook, but they all have some great stuff and are fun to browse.


Clothes, shoes, accessories, books, beauty products, kid's tees and a men's section.

Women's and men's clothing, shoes and accessories

Jewelry, clothing and gifts

Presse Boutique

Clothing and accessories

Chick Downtown
Contemporary womens clothing

Bittersweets NY


La Garçonne

Clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, objects & baby items for the indie girl

Loopy Mango
Clothing and accessories lines from all over the world as well as antique furniture.

Apparel, accessories, beauty and jewelry


Vintage clothing for modern women

Flawless Faces

Look how great Mila Kunis and Hayden Panettiere's makeup looks. Stunning. I think I could re-create Mila's eye makeup on myself, but I don't know how I could ever achieve the glow of Hayden's face makup. They both look gorgeous!

Style Inspiration: Becki Newton

After my post earlier today, I thought I should do a Style Inspiration post on one of my newest celebrity girl crushes, Becki Newton. I think she is so cute and always looks radiant. I haven't seen any candid pics of Becki in her daily life, but as far as dressing for the red carpet, she does well. I would describe her style as flirty, girly and current. She looks sexy without showing too much and picks clothes that flatter her petite frame. Her hair and makeup always look good as well - not too overly done. In addition to liking her fashion choices, I think she seems like a fun, nice girl. And I just love her catty character Amanda on Ugly Betty, she makes me laugh.