I'm On The Naughty List

If Santa had a list of bad bloggers, I'd surely be near the top of the list. I don't know where my time has gone, but it definitely hasn't been devoted to this space lately. I promise I'm working on some things, more to come over the break and in the new year. In the meantime, pop on over to JOAT to see a few of my favorite things among other goodies. Merry Merry!

Add These To My List

I've yet to own own a pair of Tom's because I haven't been able to decide on a color/pattern, but I think these may be the winners. How adorable is the herringbone with a pop of color on the sole? Santa, are you reading this? If so, I will take a 6.5, you decide the color.

Eye Candy Friday

Two of my very favorite gents - Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon.  Seriously, how great are they?  They're especially incredible together when they perform history of rap (part 1). I've loved JT since his N*Sync days and have been fortunate enough to see him in concert two times, went to an awards show he hosted and he walked right past me at another awards show (I'm not positive we made eye contact, but I'm pretty sure there was something there). I'd love to attend a taping of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and he was of course awesome on SNL (it was always the best when he'd crack up and lose character).