I Be Up In The Gym Just Working On My Fitness

By far the best workout gear I have ever owned is Lululemon Athletica. They carry clothing such as pants, capris, jackets, tanks, sports bras, etc. And accessories like headbands, bags, yoga mats and more. Women's and Men's. Though a little pricier than typical workout clothing, it's definitely worth the cost

My favorite pants are the Groove Pant and the Sequence Crop. They have a wide, smooth waistband that isn't too high, or too low, they're quick drying and super comfy. As an added bonus, some pairs are reversible (reverse to all black and the logo is on the leg). Another plus is that Lulu will alter pants for free! That is a BIG bonus for my short legs! :) They come in all sorts of colors too - most of which are seasonal - so not everyone at the gym will be dressed the same.

I also love my Shape Up jacket. Its stretchy, moisture-wicking and has zippered pockets.

My most recent (less bank-breaking) purchase was a headband. Its so hard to find ones that are cute and stay put, but these double bands to the trick.
Next on my wish list are the Stretch Pant, Om Jacket, the Dance Studio Jacket and the Reverse Lulu Hoodie.

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

One of my favorite things from Oprah's Favorite Thing are these Claus Porto soaps from Lafco New York. I love the different colors and patterns on the wrappers - they'd be such a cute extra to a color-themed gift (as I often like to give). In addition to their too-cute-for-words packaging, the shea butter soaps come in 15 yummy scents like Red Poppy, Orange Amber, Lime Basil and Grapefruit Fig.

Charmed, I'm Sure

Finally, after a long search, I was able to find the perfume I'd hunted for for months, the Charmer by Oiseau. I believe its only available at Anthropologie and when I went to buy it earlier this spring/summer, it was out of stock and rumored to be discontinued. Sadness.... I called different locations, checked the website weekly, had friends in other cities look for me, and still no sign of the luscious scent. I wasn't able to locate it anywhere else on the web either. When I visited Anthro last week, much to my surprise, there were at least six bottles of it calling out to me! So just to be safe, I bought two!

A Splash of Lemon

I always like to add a pop of color to my attire. Whether it be a tank poking out under some layers, a belt, a bright bag or bracelet, spicing up an ensemble with an unexpected hue is fun and fashionable and yellow seems to do the trick. Its simple to do and you can easily find accessories in any price range.

Both of these outfits from J. Crew are perfect examples of adding a dash of yellow. I don't know if I'd pair the first one with the sequin skirt, but I love the cobalt blue with the ruffly yellow blouse. The bold black and white graphics in the second outfit look great with the red pants and slim, bright yellow belt.

I love the yellow piping this soft and cozy grey sweater from the Gap. So much so that I bought it last week :)

This necklace from Forever 21 is nice for a subtle accent of yellow.

I am a big fan of bracelets and have numerous bangles similar to these from Forever 21, in all different colors. They're a super easy way to add some color when the rest of your outfit might be relatively understated.

What girl doesn't love shoes? I especially love colored shoes.

These Sam Edelman flats are fun and different. They'd be super cute with a pair of dark jeans and a white top.

Can you say h.o.t.?

Steve Madden pumps

A handbag is a great place to add some color. This linen and leather bag from Smythson of Bond Street can be both dressy and casual. Its also pretty pricey at $1,080, but gives a good idea of what's out there.

The Cool ribbon detail on this clutch from J. Crew is fab.

You also can't go wrong with an all yellow bag. I'm not a fan of being too matchy-matchy, so I definitely wouldn't carry these bags with yellow shoes or jewelry. I like to let one piece stand out on its own.

J. Crew satin handbag

MICHAEL by Michael Kors shoulder bag

A scarf or pashmina is another idea. Both of the ones below are from J. Crew. I can't wait until it gets a little chillier so I can start wearing mine! And by chilly, I mean under 70 degrees - it is LA after all.

Guys don't have to be left out! I love unpredictable face on this Swiss ArmyAction Camp watch.

And finally, yellow doesn't have to be done in small doses....I mean, how fabulous is this coat??

Wool coat by Milly

Send Some Love Via Letterpress

I love, love, love letterpress cards. What's a better time to give some letterpressed greetings than Christmas? They're fairly simple and vintage-looking, but also special and lovely. Not the type of cards you typically think of for the holidays.

Here are some of my favorites from Egg Press

And also these from Elum Designs

Gifts For Guys

Garmin - nĂ¼vi 200 Portable GPS System. It can be moved from between vehicles, has touch screen and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Available at Best Buy

Kodak SV-811 8-inch Digital Picture Frame shows a rotating slideshow of pictures - great for the office

This functional Key chain flask from J. Crew holds 1 fluid ounce. Perfect for a pick-me-up during a chilly football game.

Another booze-themed key chain (alcohol not included) is this one from Urban Outfitters. Its a bottle opener that looks like an old-fashioned key. I like it because its handy and isn't so obvious (or ugly) like other key chain bottle openers.

I love that this isn't just a boring old metal watch - it has some pizazz. I do love a splash of color! Victorinox Swiss Army® 'Dive Master' 500M Watch

These slippers look so cozy UGG Australia Scuff Romeo Slippers

These UGG Australia Ascot Slippers are nice because they have a sole suitable for outside.

I smelled this cologne for the first time the other day while thumbing through my Saks Fifth Avenue holiday catalog. I kept going back to the page to take a whiff - scrumptious! Tom Ford For Men cologne

Outfit Crush

I just love this outfit I saw online at In Style the other month. Its casual, but also chic. The dark trouser jeans are super cute and look great with the colored patent leather jacket. The jacket is fab because its not tacky or too bikery. The flats work well, but of course heels would dress it up a bit.

My Must-Haves Vol. 2

As previously mentioned, I am a product and cosmetics junkie. Or should I say connoisseur.... So I thought I'd do another edition of some of my favorite items.

In the past I've stayed away from tinted moisturizers; mostly because I thought they didn't provide enough coverage and/or were too shiny. However, now I am a loyal user of (oil free) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

When it comes to concealer, I just can't seem to find the perfect one. Benefit Boi-ing is nearly there. Its creamy and glides on with ease - much more so than sticks, which in my opinion, can be noticeable or too thick.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge is one of the most interesting colors I've come across. It looks different every time I use it and I always get compliments whenever I wear it. Its a super smooth, pearly, shiny, brownish, reddish, green. Paired with other shadows and liners, you can increase and change the hue you want more of.

One lovely summer day in '06, my friend Jackie and I stumbled into Barneys New York and happened upon the Sue Devitt Counter. Before this, I'd never tried Sue Devitt products - normally I gravitate towards more eye-catching, less basic looking packaging when trying something new, but the people at the counter sucked us in. Unsure what we thought, they convinced us into getting our makeup done. The end result was fabulous makeovers in pretty colors just perfect for our friend's up-coming wedding. Afterward, we both "accidentally" spent quite a bit of money on our new found lovelies. Our favorite was this E-Z Shadow . Its a glimmery powder you can simply roll on lids. For more intensity, I like to press on to lids with a flat brush. Fingers work too. My favorites are Nara (top) - a sparkly gold, Bambari - a glittery bronze and Hopetown - a shimmery, less glittery plum.

Our next favorite item from our excursion was the Eye Intensifier Pencil. Its a thick enough to be used as a shadow, yet thin enough to be used as a liner. There is a great little smudger at the opposite end of the stick. Its really long lasting and waterproof, but comes off easily. It goes on really smoothly and is perfect for inner eyelids. I have it in Tanzania, which looks great with the golden and bronze E-Z Shadows and Pointe-Noire, a basic black.

I am always buying and trying new mascaras. I have at least three in rotation right now and have two more in their packaging, just waiting for my current ones to run out.

I really like Sue Devitt (notice a theme?) Water Resistant Mascara. Its conditioning and doesn't make my lashes dry or the mascara crumbly or flaky as many often do. It removes with ease too, which is not common for most waterproof mascaras.

For lengthening I like Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara. Its not super dramatic and is perfect for every day wear.

Tanning Bed in a Tube by Too Faced is a new favorite of mine. Its a body bronzer and self-tanner in one. Usually, because of the way they smell, I can't bare to wear self-tanner any time other than when I am sleeping and not sniffing. However, Tanning Bed in a Tube smells pleasant and tropical and isn't overpowering.

b.e. by becker.eshaya is one of the most recent perfumes I've purchased. Its floral and clean, but not too light. I especially love the 7.7 ml fragrance pen. So simple to just grab it out of your purse and roll it on when you're on the go. Especially great for travelling.