Summertime and the Livin's Easy

I'm off to Palm Springs with some of the girls for the weekend.......(as soon as I get off work - tick tick, tick...)

It's gonna be a hot one!


Daily 11:24 PM

Posting my dailies. My MacBook is pretty. Need to finish packing. Going to bed late....

Daily 9:48 PM

Painting my toes and watching So You Think You Can Dance. The polish is Esse 'Flirt.'

Daily 7:33 PM

When I arrived home tonight I was excited to see that my Banana Republic order had arrived. Look at my fabulous new shoes! They're so comfortable and I love, love the color! They were on sale too! I can't wait to wear them!

Daily 7:06-7:13 PM

I've been craving Pinkberry lately. I drive by two on my way home from the gym. Usually there isn't available parking close enough for my tired post-gym self. Today however, there was a spot right in front and there wasn't a sole in the store! No wait! I sampled the green tea flavor for the first time - I think it tastes a lot like the original (what I always get). I ordered a swirl of green tea and original, topped with mango, blackberries and carob chips. It was tasty and it was my dinner.

Daily 5:17 PM

At the gym. For some reason I frequently use the same locker, probably so I don't forget where I put my stuff. Not in the mood to workout, but I must. Please note that no one was around when I snapped this photo.

Daily 4:42 PM

On my way to the gym and needing a snack. My recent favorite is Asian trail mix. Those wasabi peas are hot!

Daily 4:34 PM

Hooray, finished with the work day! Walking on Santa Monica Blvd. to the parking garage at work.

Daily 2:04 PM

I'm going to Palm Springs this weekend! Why is today Thursday - hurry up Friday! I'm looking forward to a weekend full of HOT weather, pool time, frosty beverages, snacks, boardgames and good friends! I made a list of everything I have to pack tonight before my depature straight from work tomorrow.

Daily 12:54 PM

Well, just as I suspected, lunch was less than delicious. I put a cornucopia of things on my plate; meatballs, chicken, mashed potatoes and salad - I know it sounds like a lot, but they were all small portions and I couldn't decide what I wanted. However, I abandoned my lunch half-way through and thought chocolate frozen yogurt was a much better option for my taste buds.

Daily 9:02 & 9:04 AM

We get free breakfast at work. Lunch too. While the meals leave MUCH to be desired, they're free. I usually go to breakfast at 8:30, but today I went a little later, so the pickings were slim. My only options were a couple of cereals, some over-done hashbrowns, goop they call oatmeal and some sausage. I opted for some All Bran and two sausage links. I'm crossing my fingers for a better lunch, but I'm not holding my breath....

Daily 6:53 & 7:54 AM

Jamie suggested her blogging friends do a "daily" - a day of posing what you're doing, seeing, etc, throughout a 24-hour period. I thought it was a great idea. Shelby did her's a few weeks ago and now I'm finally getting around to mine.

Every morning, no matter what, I have such a tough time getting out of my comfy bed. I really need to get up earlier, but I just can't. As soon as I finally force myself out of the coziness, I put in my contacts. I am blind without them.

Walking down the stairs from the 5th level where I park at work. I take the stairs most every day on the way into work. However, when leaving work, I am often too lazy to take them up. Please note that I am at work only an hour after I arose. I don't make much of an effort to get "ready" for work (mostly due to my previous statements about not being able to get up earlier). Perhaps I should have documented the drying of my hair via my car's vents and applying my mascara at stoplights :)

Stay tuned for the rest of my day....

Get Your Z's

This morning I had received my email from Daily Candy Everywhere and absolutely loved the showcased company, Three Sheets 2 the Wind . They have prints, bedding and pillows. I adore the bedding. So crisp, clean and summery. I also like how it's fairly unisex - I know it's tough to find bedding to please both. All items are handmade and are not outrageously priced.


J. Crew has come out with a yoga collection. I like the looks of it so far and all of the pieces are relatively affordable. While I am partial to my Lululemon pants and don't know if I could stray, the rest of the items are worth giving a try.

I need a vacation!

After the plethora of postings I did on the 2009 Resort Collections, I really think I'm due for a vacation. :) Somewhere warm and relaxing and fabulous. Bringing along a few items from the Resort Collections wouldn't hurt either!

Now I am curious, which is your favorite collection? I know, it's a very hard choice. They're all so wonderful and also so different. Hmmmmm......if I had to decide, I think I would choose Christian Dior for unpractical dress-up fun; and for something I could possibly pull off in my own daily life, I pick Missoni? But really I love them all.

2009 Resort Collection: Peter Som

2009 Resort Collection: Nina Ricci

2009 Resort Collection: Roberto Cavalli

2009 Resort Collection: Valentino

2009 Resort Collection: Balenciaga

2009 Resort Collection: Emanuel Ungaro

2009 Resort Collection: Fendi

2009 Resort Collection: Christian Dior

2009 Resort Collection: Carolina Herrera

2009 Resort Collection: Badgley Mischka

2009 Resort Collection: Monique Lhuillier