Ahh, the illustrious LBD. If you don't know what LBD stands for, you should be ashamed of yourself! The Little Black Dress one of the most important staples in a women's wardrobe (side note: I still feel weird referring to myself and/or my friends as women, but alas, we're not girls anymore). Anyway....the LBD, is classic, simple and absolutely necessary. Its the best thing to throw on in a pinch when you have no clue what to wear and also when you know exactly what look you're going for - its so versatile and can be casual or fancy-schmancy. Another plus is that you can find a fab one in pretty much any price range. Below I have picked some faves - all under $200!

PS. I was too lazy to link to each dress, so you'll just have to excuse the not-as-pretty url's - sorry! :)

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