FALL in love

It is now officially fall - my former favorite season. I say former because living in LA you'd never know it's autumn - it's hotter now than it's been the past couple of months. It's like this every year. And each year I listen in envy as my friends and family in other parts of the country talk about the gorgeous changing foliage in their region, the apple and pumpkin picking excursions they go on, and how they must bundle up in cozy garb to ward off the brisk air I crave this time of year.

Even as an LA dweller I still don a scarf whenever possible and drink the seasonal flavored lattes to put myself in the spirit of the season, but it just isn't the same. Note: most times I cannot do the aforementioned activities simultaneously any time before Thanksgiving; wearing a super warm scarf whilst drinking a hot festive beverage is grounds for unwelcome sweating.

Fashion-wise I suppose I shouldn't complain too much, however. I can still wear my cute boots and keep them cute, as they're not used for warmth or trekking through the elements. My outfits aren't always covered up by a big, bulky coat. And I can wear flip flops year-round, which is especially necessary when heading to the beach (I guess that aspect isn't so bad either).

This weekend my SoCal peeps and I are having a fall party and are participating in one of the best pastimes during this time of year, no matter where you live - watching college football. While rooting for our Cougs we will be drinking (cold) seasonal ales and dining on autumn-inspired dishes. Our attire will most likely be sundresses, not sweatshirts and perhaps we'll take a walk along the ocean after our feast.

It imagine seems as if I have acclimated somewhat.....

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