I Can't Contain Myself

I love the Container Store! I could spend so much money there, but have to set a limit, because the products are endless! I went last week and told myself I could only spend $100. I ended up spending $113 - not too much over! However, luckily for my wallet, their shopping carts aren't super big, so I couldn't get anything else, because it simply wouldn't fit.

During my visit I purchased 20 shoe boxes, sweater boxes, two drawer organizers for my jewelry and two misc. storage boxes. I need to go back and get another 20 shoe boxes though - I definitely have more than 20 pairs of shoes. I don't even know if 40 will do! The shoe boxes are great though b/c they're clear, all the same size and stackable. I am so annoyed with my tumbling down, falling-apart, different-sized boxes that currently house my shoes.

Since I am on a mission to actually organize my masses of crafting supplies, I really want the elfa® Mesh Closet Drawers. Right now everything is in different sized Rubbermaid bins and its just not working. These drawers would be perfect and I like how there's a top on it.

Now if only my closet looked like these....

PS. I also love the Container Store because they have a fantastic wrapping paper selection.


Shelby said...

Ha! Cheesy title. And if you're closet looked like that you'd be wearing the same color everyday. Lame!

Lindsay said...

I mean as organized as that. In actuality I wish I had a GIANT walk-in closet, but those two are the same lame style as mine. Def didn't mean the clothes.