With this dress, I watch thee wed

Yay! I found a dress for the Sullivan/Cook nuptials. I decided on this Marc by Marc Jacobs Star Blossom Halter Dress. I got it for about half off the original price online at Saks Fifth Avenue. *Side note: Saks always has great sales on their dresses - I've purchased a few for great deals. I may need to get the straps shortened a little bit, but other than that, it fits great. It's super comfortable and it has pockets! I can't decide what kind of shoes to wear though. I was thinking light gold? After being inspired by yesterday's posting, I tried the dress on with my nude, closed-toed pumps. They actually looked pretty good, but I don't love the pair I have.

*Please let me disclaim that I will NOT be wearing a black turtleneck under the dress. Seriously, why would they add that? It definitely doesn't make the dress more appealing. Strange.


Lyndsy said...

Yeah! I love the dress and know you are going to look so pretty in it :) And agreed about the black turtleneck...what were they thinking?

Shelby said...


Lindsay said...

Thanks! If ya'll see any shoes, let me know. Gold, yeah?