Merry Melodies

It's a shame we can only really get away with listening to Christmas music for about two months . There are so many wonderful songs to put you in a happy, festive mood. Below are a bunch of my beloved.

The very first Christmas album I ever loved was Amy Grant's A Christmas Album. Its from 1983 and I listened to that cassette tape endlessly and learned the words to every song.

About 10 years later Amy Grant came out with Home For Christmas, which I also love.

Michael Bolton's This Is the Time: The Christmas Album is nice with all the traditional Christmas songs.

For some reason I love this CD and its not because I used to be Jessica-obsessed. She has some fun, up-beat tracks, as well as some slower ones. Jessica Simpson - Rejoyce: The Cristmas Abum

An all-time favorite of my friends and mine is Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas. Just so great.

Harry Connick , Jr's album Harry for the Holidays contains mostly classic songs, but with Harry's jazzy twist.

Cheesy I know, but I thoroughly enjoy 98 Degrees' This Christmas.

Chistmas with the Rat Pack is a great CD with all the classic songs we all know by Frank, Dean and Sammy.
Love some Sinatra, and what's a better time to listen to his smooth melodies than Christmas
Frank Sinatra Christmas Collection

Now That's What I Call Christmas! is a double disc set. One CD has classic artists such as, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgeald and Elvis Presley. The second CD has more contemporary singers like John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen and Gloria Estefan.

Time-Life Music: Treasury of Christmas - Holiday Memories is another 2-disc compilation with songs by Nat King Cole, the Chipmunks, Judy Garland, Perry Como, Beach Boys and more.

I'm not always in the mood for the traditional Christmas songs we hear so often, so I pop in Maybe This Christmas, a more alternative CD, featuring Jack Johnson, Phantom Planet, Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay and others.

Stockings by the Fire is the only Christmas CD I've bought so far this year. Its cool and a little different w/ both classics like Dean Martin and more current people such as Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright, A Fine Frenzy and John Legend.

When I do get around to purchasing some more Christmas albums, these are at the top of my list.

Michael Bolton Swingin Christmas

Josh Groban Noel

Michael Buble Let it Snow - it only has six songs, but I love Michael Buble!

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Lyndsy said...

I just bought the Rat Pack Christmas CD at Target on Sunday! Love it. I grew up with the Time Life Treasury CD and it definitely has some gems! I heart Christmas music!