I'm sure you all remember friendship bracelets.  I loved going to the fabric store and buying all different colors of embroidery thread to make them. I would tape one end of the strings on the inside of my desk and make them during class while he teacher was talking. Looking ahead and listening (or pretending to), all the while busy making a little string creation as fast as I could.  I was always envious of the girls who could make the wide bracelets with multiple colors and designs.  Mine were thin and only had like 3 colors and I'm pretty sure I only knew how to make one kind.

Skip ahead roughly 20 years (yikes!) and Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reidnow of Frieda & Nellie have a line of funked up friendship bracelets.  They're embroidery thread bracelets mixed with rhinestones, gems, metal and other embellishments.  At $125-$150 a pop, they're a *tad* pricier than those from the past, but they sure are prettier.  If any of my pals would like to give me one as a token of friendship, I will gladly accept :)

Here's a blurb about Frieda & Nellie from their website:
Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent: That’s the mantra of bauble-making BFFs Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid, who came across colorful, woven friendship bracelets while traveling through the Galapagos in 2009 and realized that these little works of art could be retooled into sophisticated jewelry. They brought the bracelets home to New York and began combining them with pieces from their grandmothers’ vintage jewelry collections, creating a collection of old-and-new accessories named after the glamorous grannies, Frieda and Nellie.
When Women’s Wear Daily named F&N a promising up-and-coming design duo in February 2010, the girls quit their day jobs and amped up their labor of love. “We spent hours searching flea markets, estate sales, and vintage shops for pieces from the 1920s through the late 1970s that are similar to our grandmothers’ treasures,” Reid says.
Today, Herzog and Reid spend their days crafting boho-glam bracelets and necklaces in the heart of NYC, paying frequent visits to the Ace Hotel and playing with their dogs, Bambi and Levi.

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Rosellini said...

This post made me smile. I totally remember doing the exact same thing. These updated versions are much fancier and I'd love one as well!