Waldo's Gotta Win!

Pretty please vote for this little mister (here).  It's kind of a terrible website and it usually takes me about 3 tries to vote successfully, but he needs all the votes he can get to make it into the next round of the top 10 cutest pooches and then the $5K prize! Voting for the first round ends 05.27 at 5PM.  I mean, he has to make it, just look at him! To further build his cuteness case,  go over to his mamma's page and watch a video of his stellar tricks. 


Lyndsy said...

Yay Waldo! Fingers crossed!

PS ~ Loving the Cardigan to the right. Super duper cute!

Avery Bleu said...

Isn't it darling? It comes in another color too, with blue stripes.

Roller shoes said...

cute dog ,so cute
I like it