You Know You Love It...The Tunes

Sadly we must bid adieu to Gossip Girl until next season.  I will soon devote another post to the fabulous GG fashion, but currently my mind is on the music.

I always dig the tunes each week and often go to the show's music site to find out what was played each week.  There's a list of the songs for every episode of each season.  Additionally, the Music Supervisor, Alex Patsavas gives a little background on some of the songs, bands and artists picked. What an awesome job - seriously fun!

Listen to Serena Ryder's cover of Band of Horses' " The Funeral" from tonight's episode - love it.


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Rosellini said...

I secretly love this show and am a avid watcher - I always think I need to download the music but never get to it. Nice tip!