I gave up cheese and chocolate for Lent  - crazy I know, especially since I'm not even Catholic. As I suspected, going sans chocolate hasn't been that hard, unless face to face with a delicious-looking treat containing the self-enforced forbidden ingredient. Much more tempting and prevalent daily, is cheese.  It's in so many things I like to eat.  While it's easy to get dishes without, it's just not the same knowing how much more enjoyable things taste with the addition of cheese. Oh well, 40 days really isn't very long in the scheme of things and I almost decided to nix dairy completely. I shouldn't complain and I'm pretty sure I'll live. Actually, my body is probably thanking me. *Sigh*


Anonymous said...

ooh definitely not easy, kudos for being strong. =)


Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

I am PROUD of you. Cheese would be one of the hardest things for me! GOOD WORK!