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Every summer, no matter how much I avoid having a part in my hair, I always get sunburned along my hairline and on my scalp when in the sun. Having an itchy, peely scalp is definitely not fun, nor is it attractive in the least. I am hoping to find a solution to this problem this summer (when not wearing a hat, which is the most sensible and easy answer). I've searched the net and have found a few sprays that may work. I definitely want to stick with a spray (who wants to put lotion in their hair?) and I don't want anything oily or greasy. I also like a spray for my entire head, so my color won't fade and my hair won't dry out when in the sun and water. Let me know if you've tried any of these or know of any other products....

Oscar Blandi Capri Sun-Shield Spray

What it is: An "invisible shield" for your hair to help defend against sun and chlorine damage.

What it is formulated to do:Inspired by the island of Capri, where life is lived outdoors - "al fresco" - and where glamour and sun combine to create the perfect Italian paradise. Just as you would protect your skin with sunscreen, this spray uses UV inhibitors to protect your hair color from fading, while adding moisture, shine, and suppleness to counteract the drying effects of the sun and chlorine.

This light, refreshing spray protects body, hair, and scalp from harmful UVA/UVB rays, with no sensation of stickiness or heaviness. A unique spray mechanism facilitates ease of application, as it sprays even when held upside-down. Dual Sun Protection System: Offers optimal broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays in a light and refreshing formula. Vitamin E derivative offers antioxidant benefits. Very water-resistant. PABA-free. All Shiseido sun products proudly display the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation.

What it is:A finishing spray that gives hair brilliant high shine.

What it does:Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair SunShine Shield Spray adds a brilliant veil of shine and reflectivity to hair, while providing protection from UV rays and other environmental pollutants.

What else you need to know:This sheer spray also prevents moisture loss and imparts a silk feel to rough cuticles.

Strong Protection with Sunflower Extract
This oil-free styling and protective veil forms an invisible screen that protects the hair from the damaging drying effects of the sun, salt and chlorine. Provides a U.V. filter.
Sun, wind, salt, chlorine...all these elements are harsh on your hair. Heat has a drying effect (the hair's moisture content is reduced, it loses its softness); wind dries out the hair and increases static electricity; UV rays weaken the hair and fade color. Salt and chlorine attack the hair.
All these factors leave your hair damaged. The cuticle opens up, the hair breaks, and split ends appear. Result: your hair is dry, dull and impossible to style.
This strong protection veil shields the hair against the drying effects of the sun, wind, salt and chlorine. Sunflower extract - a photo protective agent with anti-free-radical action - provides a protective filter for the hair fiber. White Lotus extract maintains moisture levels in the hair. Sweet illipe butter, with emollient and hydrating properties, nourishes the hair and restores its suppleness.
This oil-free formula forms an invisible, protective screen. Restores shine. Sculpting effect. Contains a UV filter.

Davines Well Being Shelter pH 5.5 is a unique spray that hydrates and moisturizes both hair and skin, leaving them soft and silky.
Wheat proteins deeply moisturize and condition while the Dimethicone and UV filters protect hair from the sun, salt water, chlorine and pollution. With regular use, it also helps prevent split ends.

*I think the Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16 PA+ is my best bet, as it seems to be more of an all-over srpay. I think I'll pick it up this week and will let you know the outcome next time I'm in the sun.

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I adore Frederic Fekkai.
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