Lookie Here!

Last year I fell in love with this gorgeous sequinned Prada dress Jessica Alba wore to the Good Luck Chuck premiere. I just adore it. So fun and it actually looks comfortable.

source: imnotobsessed.com

Well, look at the DAY Birger et Mikkelsen dress I just found at Net-A-Porter! It's pretty similar if you ask me. I also think it's a little bit more wearable/practical - at least for my lifestyle. It's on sale for $143, marked down from $238. Both prices way better than any Prada frock.

Now, if only I had a reason to purchase it and somewhere to wear it....Anyone wanna go to Vegas? :)


Lyndsy said...

So cute! Great find! I loved that dress as well! And you know I am ALWAYS down for Vegas!

Shelby said...

So fun! I like that version better than Prada anyway! Sweet find!