Some Ombré of My Own

A little over a month ago I did a posting on ombré. I've had my eye on some pieces for a while, but never came across anything I loved. Until last night. I found this lovely Chiffon Bubble Dress dress at Express. I am always drawn to bright colors, especially blues, so this caught my eye right away. It fits really well, is super comfy, can be dressed up or down and the best part - it was on sale! Yay for me! Oh and PS. Pretty much everything else at Express was super unappealing to me. Tacky and 90s-ish.


Lyndsy said...

I saw this dress and thought it was so cute :) I loved the green too! Are you planning to wear it this weekend?

Avery Bleu said...

Yes, I liked the green too and tried it, but the blue was more "me." I will probably bring it this weekend, yes. I fear I will pack too much! Story of my life!

Shelby said...

Love it! And agreed about all the other stuff at Express. It's hideous! What are they thinking??
Don't worry about packing too much, I'm sure I will do the same :)