Did They Make It Work?

What did you guys think of last night's Project Runway premiere? I think this season is going to be good. All of the designers seem quuite talented, at least from the small snippets we saw from their portfolios.

You can see all of last night's challenge runway looks here. I thought they were all fairly good, but perhaps a little too safe. Some of the outfits I thought were the cutest and more wearable, were the ones the judges didn't put in the top three. However, I did agree with their picks for the bottom three, but think Stella should have gone home over Jerry. Even though his was a bit odd, there was nothing to her design.

Aside from their design skills, I am hoping there's at least one person who will be as entertaining as Austin Scarlett, Santino, Jay and Christian. Blayne seems as if he may be trying a little too hard with all of his "girliciousness" and might get on my nerves. He's got nothin' on Christian's "fierceness", but I guess we'll see...

While on the Bravo site I happened upon some spoilers for this season.....Personally, I always like to guess what the next challenge is going to be from the clues they give and also thinking about what hasn't been done on the show before. If you want to see what their upcoming tasks entail and who the guest judges are going to be, go here.

Until next week, auf wiedersehen!


Lyndsy said...

Loved the show and loved surprisingly a lot of the dresses :) can't wait to watch every week :)

perfect bound said...

Blayne needs to get cut. Is he corporate sponsored or something? I liked the first episode but I think male designers are waaaay too phony. I think they are trying to make a name for themselves as a personality rather than a designer.

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