Style Inspiration: Jessica Simpson - Part 2

I just had to do another posting on Jessica Simpson, because of the plethora of photos I had of her. I have even more, so there will be a 3rd posting sometime in the near future.
A few trends I've noticed Jessica is constantly incorporating into her wardrobe are:
*Large handbags
*Oversize sunglasses
*Chunky jewelry
*Miu Miu clogs
*Tall boots
*William Rast jeans
*True Religion jeans
*Minimal makeup on a daily basis
*Hair that doesn't look overly styled


Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

OH jessica. remember when you promised me you wouldn't like her anymore if she ever left NICK?? ;)

Shelby said...

Ha! At Jackie's comment. And I love the "bookshelves" why didn't we think of that and get totally rich?
(I really wanted to capitalize "rich" right then - out of habit) ;)
Oh and "wsu" is part of my word verification down there. Hope I can get it right on the first try. Am I making any sense? So glad it's Friday!! WOOHOO!