Holla At Cha Boy

How funny was Tim Gunn on Project Runway tonight? "Holla at cha boy." I just love him. I also love Leann's creation on the New York City challenge. The skirt/tank combo has both a modern and classic look that is also inventive (did you see the back of the skirt?). This picture doesn't really do it justice though. Although she didn't win, Leann's ensemble is definitely the one I would wear out of the bunch. It would be really cute with red heels or a fitted white tee.


Shelby said...

It was my favorite too! They have GOT to get rid of that rocker chick. Her outfits are heinous. I'm a rocker girl at heart but wouldn't be caught dead in any of her creations.

Lyndsy said...

I second that emotion Shelby! Holla at your boy made me laugh so hard! Especially when they spelled H-O-L-L-A out!