A Splash of Lemon

I always like to add a pop of color to my attire. Whether it be a tank poking out under some layers, a belt, a bright bag or bracelet, spicing up an ensemble with an unexpected hue is fun and fashionable and yellow seems to do the trick. Its simple to do and you can easily find accessories in any price range.

Both of these outfits from J. Crew are perfect examples of adding a dash of yellow. I don't know if I'd pair the first one with the sequin skirt, but I love the cobalt blue with the ruffly yellow blouse. The bold black and white graphics in the second outfit look great with the red pants and slim, bright yellow belt.

I love the yellow piping this soft and cozy grey sweater from the Gap. So much so that I bought it last week :)

This necklace from Forever 21 is nice for a subtle accent of yellow.

I am a big fan of bracelets and have numerous bangles similar to these from Forever 21, in all different colors. They're a super easy way to add some color when the rest of your outfit might be relatively understated.

What girl doesn't love shoes? I especially love colored shoes.

These Sam Edelman flats are fun and different. They'd be super cute with a pair of dark jeans and a white top.

Can you say h.o.t.?

Steve Madden pumps

A handbag is a great place to add some color. This linen and leather bag from Smythson of Bond Street can be both dressy and casual. Its also pretty pricey at $1,080, but gives a good idea of what's out there.

The Cool ribbon detail on this clutch from J. Crew is fab.

You also can't go wrong with an all yellow bag. I'm not a fan of being too matchy-matchy, so I definitely wouldn't carry these bags with yellow shoes or jewelry. I like to let one piece stand out on its own.

J. Crew satin handbag

MICHAEL by Michael Kors shoulder bag

A scarf or pashmina is another idea. Both of the ones below are from J. Crew. I can't wait until it gets a little chillier so I can start wearing mine! And by chilly, I mean under 70 degrees - it is LA after all.

Guys don't have to be left out! I love unpredictable face on this Swiss ArmyAction Camp watch.

And finally, yellow doesn't have to be done in small doses....I mean, how fabulous is this coat??

Wool coat by Milly

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