So Fresh and So Clean Clean

One of my favorite things from Oprah's Favorite Thing are these Claus Porto soaps from Lafco New York. I love the different colors and patterns on the wrappers - they'd be such a cute extra to a color-themed gift (as I often like to give). In addition to their too-cute-for-words packaging, the shea butter soaps come in 15 yummy scents like Red Poppy, Orange Amber, Lime Basil and Grapefruit Fig.

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Shelby said...

Thanks for the reminder to watch that Oprah eppy! I too love the packaging of these soaps. I have a couple at my house and whenever I decide to actually open them (this may never happen) I plan to use the paper for my card making.
I thought it was a clever idea and had to share with a fellow card maker.