My Must-Haves

I am a TOTAL cosmetics and product junkie - seriously, its bad. With all the products I have, I could probably do a posting on this topic every day! Here are a few items that I can't live without.

I used to be a liquid foundation wearer, but Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation changed that. It provides enough coverage, but isn't thick or cakey. I really like that it doesn't contain oils or any other chemicals or additives that can cause breakouts.

Nars blush in Desire is my current favorite. I love a nice, bright pink blush. It looks shocking in the case, but gives the perfect flush when applied.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion is by far one of the best products I've come across in the past 2 years. It provides the perfect matte base for shadow. I am always amazed when I look in the mirror at 5PM and the shadow I applied at 7AM is still present and uncreased.

Mac eye shadow in Satin Taupe is my all time favorite. Either alone for day or layered for a more dramatic nighttime look, it always works. It has hints of silver and purple and compliments and blends well with all different shadow colors.

A constant on most beauty essentials lists is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. All others pale in comparison. Even without shadow, as long as my lashes are curled, I feel somewhat put together.

Since my brows are lighter than my hair and not very full, I have to fill them in. Anastasia Brow Ex-Press palette is so simple and great. There are stencils, so you just fill in the lines with powder. The shapely results are much better than I could do by free-handing.
Who doesn't love a good lip gloss? My newest fave is Her Glossiness V.I.P. lip gloss by Benefit in Didn't Hear It From Me. Since I'm not really a fan of bold eyes and lips simultaneously, this shiny, peachy color is perfect when I do dramatic eyes.
Aveda Be Curly is by far the best product to make my naturally wavy hair, actually wavy and not crispy, sticky, frizzy or greasy.
When I want straight hair, my CHI ceramic flat iron is an absolute dream. So quick and easy. Totally worth every penny.
I was on a quest for the perfect dark nail polish for ages. Finally I came across Lincoln Park After Midnight. Its similar to its popular predecessor, Lincoln Park After Dark, but its a bit more purple.


Lyndsy said...

You have me hooked on the urban decay eye-shadow primer. I am almost out and need to get more. Thanks for the rec's!

Lindsay said...

I thought mine was out too, but I took the cap off and banged the tube upside down on the counter and voila, tons more near the surface!

Blue Orchid Designs said...

I will have to check out the Aveda Be Curly, and I agree about the flat iron - worth every penny!

thanks for linking to us! :)

Erin said...

Nice work on your blog - it looks great. I love the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals foundation - after sitting next to one of the reps on the way out to Hawaii I think he sent me about $1,500 worth of stuff - I still have quite a bit left.

Sabrina said...

Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your valuable tips. I have the bare essential foundation and used it once. Am I doing something wrong b/c the first response from my family & friends were...are you sick? Why aren't you wearing any makeup? (you definitely know it wasn't a compliment - like another way of saying -- oh love the natural look) Haven't touched the system since August. Watched the dvd and still not applying it correctly...HELP

Lindsay said...

Sabrina, I think the key is getting the right color for your skin tone (I just had to get a lighter one for winter). Also, I swear by bronzer and especially blush.