Sweet corn - no husking required

Oh my goodness! How adorable are these corn on the cob cupcakes I saw on Cupcakes Take the Cake?? The corn niblets are Jelly Bellies (is that the plural of Jelly Belly jelly beans?) and the pat of butter is a Starburst. I always think it's fascinating when people make food look like another. You know, how they've made a whole "sushi" platter on Ace of Cakes? I think it would weird me out to eat something like that, but these are just too cute. The creative cupcakes are featured in the book Hello, Cupcake! The recipe can also be found on the Martha Stewart site.


Erin said...

This is seriously one of the CUTEST desserts I've ever seen in my life!! I honestly smiled when I saw this pictures and realized what it was.

Shelby said...