My (Maybe) Must-Haves: Volume 4

We'll see if these items end up on my "must-have" list after I've used them for a while...

Last week I ran out of lipgloss, foundation and mascara. Well, I didn't run out of mascara, but I bought brown on accident - the horror! Seriously, black makes all the difference. I just didn't look right wearing brown.

Anyhoo, I cautiously went to Sephora to pick up the items I really needed. I have a tendency to accidentally find too many things I simply must have on most Sephora trips, so I tried my best to keep the spending to a minimum.

As I've said before, I'm always on a quest for the best mascara. The last one I used (not including the brown incident) was Imju Fiberwig. I liked it, but I got kind of tired of having my sink covered in black flecks after every face washing. So I decided it was time to move on. This time I opted for Smashbox Bionic Mascara. So far I like it a lot. It's lengthening and thickening and stays put. Oh and it's black. "Jet black" if I'm being specific.

My next item was Erase Paste by Benefit. You may remember I'd wanted to try when it came out a couple of months ago. It's fine, but not great. I like that it's creamy and not drying or too thick, but it doesn't completely rid me of my dark circles. I think I will try Lyndsy's suggestion for that facial inconvenience, which I too, have been graced with as of late. In the meantime, we'll see how Erase Paste works when I get a zit - that's the true test!

The last two lipglosses I've used (until the end of the tube) are Her Glossiness by Benefit. I like it, but thought I would switch it up. I got two new ones, both my Smashbox. The first is Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pout. It's a pretty, sort-of bubblegum pink. Not shocking pink, but a nice pink that I think would look especially good if I had a tan. The gloss itself if smooth, shiny and wearable. It feels moisturizing and not sticky.

The second gloss I decided on was Smashbox O-Gloss. I think this may be the softest, smoothest gloss I've ever used. It's kind of similar to another fave of mine, Smith's Rosebud Salve, but feels even better. It goes on clear, but changes to a berry shade once it's on your lips. I was a little surprised how pink it got, but I like it. Great for during the day when you want to feel like you have something on and you don't want to look dead (how Amber describes the way she looks if she doesn't have lipstick on - yes, she still wears lipstick) Note: Jackie, this is not a gloss for your nude-loving lips.


Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

AHAHHAHA - I would be smearing nude concealer all over my berry lips. Am I the only person that can't wear bright colors??? I feel like I get jipped in the fun lip gloss department.

Lyndsy said...

Ha! I totally was going to blog about the Bionic Mascara, I have been testing it for the wedding. So far so good! Also, Carrie and I learned a fun trick about the O-Glow cheek stuff (which I got awhile ago) that you can use it as lip gloss! Good finds!

Lindsay said...

LS: I wonder if the O-Glow lipgloss doubles as cheek stuff?

JZ: I think some time you should let me try out a *light* colored gloss on your kisser.

Lindsay said...

Oops, I mean JR! :) And soon I will mean LC.