Bold Blossoms

Florals are a popular trend this season, as I guess they most always are, especially come spring and summer. Lately though, I've been eyeing larger prints with vibrant palettes, over the smaller, sweeter buds in pastel shades. More edgy, than sweet and ultra girlie. Here are some picks I would love to pluck for myself.



Diane von Furstenberg Beach Tabalah kaftan
Diane von Furstenberg



Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

Oooooohhh so pretty. These make me want to be on an exotic vaca somewhere warm!!!

Lyndsy said...

Love the H&M dress!

Miss Chris said...

I'm bananas (yes, I said it) for that H&M dress! Why is not at my local store? I have that Yumi Kim top...I'm obsessed with her stuff. You may borrow anytime you like.